Papacream started with the vision of bringing world-class experiential ice cream to India, making gourmet ice creams accessible to the masses.



Manufacturing of premium, gourmet ice creams and sorbets. We have a  premium milk-based range of ice creams, a vegan range of dairy-free and gluten-free ice creams and sugar-free ice creams. We have a distribution network pan India, catering to both B2B and B2C. 


Tanvi Chowdhri

Founder & CEO, 


Tanvi Chowdhri, founder of Papacream, is a mechanical engineer from Carnegie Mellon University. Post her undergrad, she worked on Wall Street as an investment banker in New York.


Despite a background different from F&B, her innate passion remained with exploring different foods. She read voraciously about food, so much so that it became a serious hobby and the agenda with every travel to try the local food, local ingredients and world-class restaurants.


In New York, she used her weekends to explore the kitchens of her favourite chefs, learning different techniques and researching world food trends. It was then then that the clouds cleared and she knew it was time to move back to India and make this a vocation.

“I wanted EVERYONE to taste my passion for ice cream that I had collected over the years, right from growing up in Bengal (where I developed a sweet tooth) to the high-end Michelin-rated desserts that I tasted in New York. I wanted to educate the Indian palate with an experience, that was untested. Bringing desserts from the west had been exploited by many, but the idea was to use local ingredients, ubiquitously loved street food, childhood delicacies, and fuse it with world-class techniques and creativity and give the consumer something futuristic at affordable prices.”

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