We just love ice cream!

Papacream started with the vision of bringing world-class experiential ice cream to India, making gourmet ice creams accessible to the masses.


These weren’t ice creams you’d read off the menu at your neighbourhood ice cream parlour. These ice creams arouse nostalgia and ignite wanderlust - be it the tanginess of our pani puri sorbet and potato mousse or the malt from our favourite Horlicks ice cream. Our savoury flavours - smoked cheese ice cream with nachos and the Thai lemongrass ice cream sushi served with chopsticks are made fresh in front of the consumer.


Within a month of opening, we were supplying our ice creams to clients in all metro cities. However, the goal was to reach EVERYONE. Hence we developed a franchise model and franchised outlets in tier-2 cities. In a span of a year, we had multiple outlets in various parts of the country (Maharashtra, Telangana, Gujrat, Karnataka).


Over the last year, we realized that being healthy had become the new way of life and different dietary restrictions made ice cream a forbidden pleasure for many. My diabetic grandmother and vegan/diet-conscious friends could not eat my ice creams. We felt challenged to innovate.  Hence, Papacream’s new health range was born, focusing on guilt-free indulgence. We made vegan, sugar-free, keto and high-protein variants. With accessibility our main focus, we strategized to promote this range through the FMCG model. Papacream’s health range is now available in all  modern retail like Godrej Natures Basket, Foodhall, and kirana stores pan India.


It's what's on the inside that counts




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